Getting rid of household or industrial waste has never been easier - we remove, reuse and recycle!

We offer comprehensive recycling schemes tailored to suit every business need. We pride ourselves on our bespoke services achieved by working in partnership with our customers promoting reduce, reuse, recycle along with waste minimisation wherever possible.
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Waste King's are very proud to be recycling 89% of our waste and we are constantly looking to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill wherever possible each year. At Waste King we are committed to working with our customers to decrease the amount of waste sent to landfill throughout all of the UK. Our Waste King depots separate the different waste streams and have the ability to recycle all of the material listed below and in some cases more.

Wood Recycling

Waste King offers a UK-wide Wood Recycling Service for customers who need to maximise the amount of waste that they recycle while, at the same time, increase business efficiency. Waste King take the hassle out of wood waste storage, collection and recycling.This service is tailored to our customers’ needs - supplying the right containers (from skips to bulk carriers)that maximise space efficiency.

We also arrange scheduled or call-off collections at appropriate times for you. In addition, Waste King will ensure that all of your waste is recycled, so you avoid landfill tax. Wood chippings can be recycled to produce animal bedding, golf courses, paths and gardens, children’s playgrounds and horse arenas. Coloured chips are also sold to garden centres and other retail outlets.

Metal Recycling

Waste King’s Metals Recycling Service is designed to meet our business customers’ changing needs. It provides a simple solution to help maximise recycling, increase efficiency and minimise costs. Whatever volume or type of waste metal you produce, this simple solution supports you to achieve 100% scrap recycling – increasing your efficiency and minimising your costs.

Waste King aim to recycle metal 100% of the time. Metals recycling protects the environment and saves energy. The material is separated into ferrous and non ferrous for recycling. Nearly all metals can be recycled into high quality new metals.

Waste King a recycles all of your metal waste, so you achieve 100% landfill avoidance and significantly reduce your costs by avoiding landfill tax.

Cardboard and Paper Recycling

Waste King separate paper and cardboard material from our mixed collections. Without any plastic coating cardboard is ultimately biodegradable and compostable, as long as there isn't exessive ink on it. In its shredded form cardboard can be used for animal bedding and to insulate houses. Cardboard is an excellent material for use in the developing area of waste to energy: creating fuels and power from waste products. It releases twice as much heat per pound of waste compared to other sources, doesn’t release toxic poisons and its only by-product is ash.

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